XXI International Scientific Conference
Corporate Governance - Theory and practice
Cracow, November 25-27, 2021

AGH Faculty of Management, 10 Gramatyka street, 30-067 Krakow
AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Management

The Production Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences



Honorary Patronage
Rector of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków
Prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy Lis

Organized for over ten years, the Conference attracts attention of both Polish and foreign scientific communities. The Conference provides a forum in which delegates can interact and network with the topic areas being at the forefront of corporate governance developments, best practices and emerging trends in an international context.

The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge and experience between science and business entities in the field of improving technological, economic, organizational and environmental solutions in business management.

The dynamically changing economic environment forces the search for innovative solutions throughout the entire value chain from raw material acquisition to waste utilization and management. This requires extensive cooperation between entities within interdisciplinary teams. We hope that the conference will not only contribute to strengthening cooperation between science and business, developing joint projects, but also will be an opportunity to establish contacts focused on stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, thematic blocks organized jointly by representatives of science and business will be proposed.

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